Intuitive Startup Is Revolutionizing Neighborhoods

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Intuitive Startup Is Revolutionizing Neighborhoods

July 18
19:06 2022
Intuitive Startup Is Revolutionizing Neighborhoods

How would you like to have a motorcycle, car, game console, or anything else you can think of, and share the cost with your neighbors? 

An innovative startup can help you expand your lifestyle without impacting your budget. Their secret is to enable people to team up to access more of what they want. Unfortunately, as it stands today, most neighbors do not know each other, let alone collaborate. However, this intuitive startup is providing a practical solution that helps its users remove barriers, making economic collaboration possible: 

Much like any other social network, the up-and-coming platform starts by providing users with an online space where they can begin and maintain connections. goes above that by certifying the identity of each user, allowing them to have a single account, where they control who they trust and invite to establish a connection to share something. From there, they can extract the economic value of their social network, assets and talents.

At the helm of this groundbreaking venture is the insightful individual Ramon Ruiz. What inspired the founder to come up with such a fresh concept was his firsthand experience when he lived in Heartwood, a tight-knit community in Colorado which harnessed the power of economic collaboration. 

This entrepreneur loved the experience of connecting with his neighbors to share several assets, including vehicles, a tennis court, a greenhouse, and even a couple of llamas to go hiking in the mountains. Of course, the residents favored this unique set-up as it only cost each of them a fraction of what they would have had to pay as individuals. 

When Ramon and his family had to move out of Heartwood, they soon realized how much they missed the incredible advantages of the “team economy” from their previous community. Recognizing the actual value that comes with connection and collaboration, he then created

Explaining how the platform works, the founder shared, “More than a platform, is a remarkably safe community, where people can have access to a much better lifestyle with less money and generate more opportunities to make money. Our tools make it easy for people to team up to improve their lives. It also creates meaningful personal relationships among them in a world where loneliness has been on the rise. Furthermore, some users are also entrepreneurs so the benefits of economic collaboration can naturally expand to their businesses to share a delivery truck, an office, or a warehouse space.”

Unlike other sharing apps that only offer “one-time” interactions with strangers at lofty costs, the venture focuses on developing a stable group of trusted individuals who collaborate regularly. In doing so, shared resources and services come at a minimal price. 

Currently, the enterprise has developed two tools with different functionalities. The first one is tSHARE, which gives users access to things they want at a lower cost while also allowing them to make money by sharing their belongings with other users they trust.

The second one is called tHIRE, which helps students and independent contractors certify and showcase their credentials and experience, build their own established client base, and connect and collaborate with other professionals. plans to release more tools within the next two years, including tPROMO, tTRADE, tMARKET, tMONEY, tCAFE, and tFOOD.

Even though is still relatively new to the market, it has already established an excellent roadmap and is in the works to bring in exciting features. As such, people should be on the lookout for what else this transformative platform has in store as it continues to grow and become a global brand. 

To know more about, visit its official website.

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