FAIRMONDE™: New Eco-Conscious Golf Apparel Brand for Women Debuts its Collection

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FAIRMONDE™: New Eco-Conscious Golf Apparel Brand for Women Debuts its Collection

July 18
20:00 2022
FAIRMONDE™ has created a women’s golf apparel brand that combines innovative technology with premium Italian-made textiles to offer both form and function on- and off- course, without compromising sophistication and sustainability.

FAIRMONDE™, a newly launched golf apparel brand for women, is teeing off on the course with its first ever collection which it dubs the Birdiessential Collection. The collection features a variety of premium quality golf wear made in flattering styles and featuring bold colors like blushing rose, serene green, aqua marine, tamarillo, among others. The pieces also exude a modern and timeless aesthetic that the brand wants to be known for.

In coming up with the Birdiessential Collection, the founders wanted their colour story to embody as much of their brand’s DNA as possible. As a result, the bold colours of FAIRMONDE™ were specifically chosen to be an expression of their vision.

FAIRMONDE™ was launched in 2022 in response to the increasingly growing population of women in the male-dominated sport of golf. The founders came up with the idea to create a premium quality golf wear that can be seamlessly worn both on- and off-course in a versatile aesthetic that combines technology and performance with style and sophistication.

The future doesn’t belong to the privileged few, it belongs to a diverse group of people who are courageous enough to fight to make a place for their voices to be heard and their passions to be built. For Jacqueline and Joanne, this is exactly what they set out to do. Although they come from different backgrounds – Jacqueline in finance and sports, Joanne in creative, branding and business – they both shared common values from the very get-go. Bound by their urge to empower women and to raise awareness about gender inequality, they knew that for golf to make progress, changes had to be made.

“FAIRMONDE™ is a promoter of inclusive sizes and thus has apparels ranging from 2XS-4XL. The brand spares no expense in making sustainable clothing as its apparels are all designed with premium Italian-made materials in sporty and understated color palettes. This attention to quality makes all FAIRMONDE™ clothing distinctively stand out from the sea of mass-produced women’s golf wear,” said Joanne and Jacqueline, co-founder of FAIRMONDE™.


FAIRMONDE™ is not only about producing quality golf wear as its mission is also about creating a community that promotes women empowerment through inclusivity and equality. With its collection of premium quality and socially-conscious golf apparel, FAIRMONDE™ hopes to elevate the spirit of women golfers while supporting their journey at every point.

The founders believe that FAIRMONDE™ speaks to the tone of a new breed of women golfers, from fresh-faced beginners to seasoned pros, ready to set roots in a game of class and dignity. Driven by their passion to grow one of the greatest games of all time, they see FAIRMONDE™ as a vehicle to empower women to excel in an inherently male-dominated sport.

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