StickLanguages Debuts New Learning Technique For Language Acquisition

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StickLanguages Debuts New Learning Technique For Language Acquisition

July 18
21:54 2022
StickLanguages Is Set To Offer Innovative Learning Techniques To Help Language Learners Become Fluent In Their Choice Language

StickLanguages is an innovative platform that specializes in providing expert assistance using its advanced techniques to help language learners develop optimum proficiency in the language of their choice. StickLanguages plans to make language acquisition a seamless process whether for kids or adults.

The groundbreaking approach used by StickLanguages stands out from other regular language acquisition programs which solely teach grammar and translation and have been proven to be ineffective. StickLanguage empowers language learners by equipping them with the tools necessary to help them master their chosen language.

Having over a decade’s experience helping young foreign language students become proficient in a English, StickLanguages uses more intuitive methods of language acquisition to help learners of all ages to learn and retain a language.

Contrary to the popular belief that language is learned from constant learning and practice, StickLanguages believes that language acquisition occurs subconsciously through the means of comprehensible input in a low anxiety environment. Comprehensible input simply put, is language input that can be understood by language learners despite them not understanding all the words and structures in it. This method allows learners to acquire language naturally, instead of learning it consciously.

The innovative learning technique used by StickLanguages employs the use of images and sounds to hasten the language acquisition process. This unique rhythmic speech technique is believed to help language learners remember and master their chosen language faster.

“At StickLanguages, we understand the difficulties language learners experience in their quest to learn a new language. With countless language learning programs making acquiring a new language seemingly unattainable, we offer a unique learning method that has been tested and proven to be effective in helping language learners become fluent in their desired language. We bring reassurance that learning a language can be a fun experience and can be achieved without stress through comprehensible input.”

Considering that there might be ones who wish to learn a language but have extremely tight schedules, StickLanguages has a flexible learning program that enables anyone to learn a language from the comfort of their couch while only investing a minimum of 15 minutes a day.

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