Barnabas Blattgold Introduces a Series of Imitation Gold and Silver Leaves

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Barnabas Blattgold Introduces a Series of Imitation Gold and Silver Leaves

July 18
22:21 2022
Barnabas Blattgold Introduces a Series of Imitation Gold and Silver Leaves

July 18, 2022 – Barnabas Blattgold has recently introduced a new product range in imitation gold and silver leaves. These leaves are multipurpose and can also be used for gliding ceilings, walls, furniture, etc. Moreover, the firm believes in providing 100% quality assured imitation leaves for its customers.

Barnabas Blattgold imitation silver leaf, also known as the aluminium leaf, is a thin metal sheet that can be used during the gliding process. This leaf gives a silver appearance and is just like the other types of leaf used during the gliding process, such as plastic, ceramic, wood, stone, etc.

Thus, the silver appearance gives an elegant and edgy look. Barnabas Blattgold’s silver leaves give a beautiful and art-like look to the gilded surfaces.

Unlike the copper imitation leaves, these silver imitation leaves are much thinner and shiny-looking. Moreover, their imitation silver sheets are sold in packs of 25, 50, 100, 500 or 1000 sheets. Each of these sheets measures 14cm by 5 1/2″ or 16 x 16cm and is sold in loose sheet and intersheet formats.

When it comes to imitation silver plating, there are several options one can go for. Barnabas provides books of loose leaves and in packets as well. A small pack of 25 sheets is capable of covering approximately five square feet of area.

So if one needs to cover a flat surface with imitation leaves, 100 hundred of our leaves will cover an area of ​​roughly 20 square feet. However, it is advisable to buy more sheets if one needs to cover a curved area.

Similarly, the imitation gold leaf is used for the gliding surfaces and gives a shiny appearance. Gliders who wish to attain the lustre of gold can use Barnabas’s gold leaves. These are inexpensive, unlike the real gold pieces and give a similar look.

Imitation Gold Leaf is made of copper and zinc and is often referred to as Dutch metal leaf, metal leaf and brass leaf. Imitation gold leaf is much stronger than real gold leaf and can be handled gently with clean, dry, non-greasy hands.

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