DONG Yapeng – Top Talent in the Field of Ore Industry Informatization

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DONG Yapeng – Top Talent in the Field of Ore Industry Informatization

July 18
23:18 2022
(Reporter: BIN Ge)

The ore industry is a pillar industry in many countries. In recent years, the digitalization and informatization of the ore industry has gained some progress, with the rapid development of a new generation of information technology, such as the Block, 5G technology, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data. However, due to the lack of top technical talents, many ore enterprises have encountered many difficulties and obstacles in their informatization and digital transformation. The key to technological innovation lies in talents, and the core of technological upgrading lies in talents. It takes ten years to grow a tree,but a hundred years to bring up a generation of good men. Cultivating the top technical talents in the industry does not happen overnight. Therefore, many countries have turned their attention to China. They hope to bring in top professionals from China to break through the technical bottlenecks in the development of the country’s ore industry, to promote technological change and industrial upgrading in the country’s ore industry, and to achieve high-speed, efficient and high-quality development of the entire ore industry.

There is no doubt that China is one of the countries with the richest mineral resources in the world. China’s ore resource exploration technology and ore material preparation technology are already at the forefront of the world. China has a large number of top technical personnel in the ore industry, and Mr. DONG Yapeng is one of the best and most outstanding representatives of them.

Mr. DONG Yapeng has been deeply involved in the mineral industry and abrasive production for 20 years. He has deep attainments in mineral resources exploration, ore material preparation, intelligent control of abrasive production, research and development of mineral smelting equipment, intelligent monitoring of mineral smelting equipment and refractory production and processing. More importantly, Mr. DONG Yapeng has very rich experience in corporate production and senior management. In the past 20 years, Mr. Dong Yapeng has served as the general manager of two powerful enterprises in China, Dengfeng Huaqiang Abrasives Co., Ltd. and Lankao County Huaqiang Abrasives Co., Ltd., and he knows the processing and preparation process of ore materials very well. With his profound professional knowledge, excellent technical skills and rich practical experience in the industry, he has independently developed a number of top scientific research achievements in the industry and obtained a number of utility model patents. These industry forward-looking and groundbreaking scientific research results have been widely used in China and have achieved remarkable success, greatly promoting the high-quality development of China’s ore industry and creating great economic and social value. The Analysis System of Ore Material Preparation Method Based on Knowledge Graph V1.0 is a top technological achievement independently developed by Mr. DONG Yapeng, which has a disruptive influence in the industry.

It is well known that data in the ore preparation industry is very large and is stored discrete, under-utilized, highly redundant, non-linear and poorly structured, requiring a data model to deal with this vast amount of data. The Analysis System of Ore Material Preparation Method Based on Knowledge Graph V1.0 can just solve this problem. The system applies knowledge mapping technology to organize various types of complex data into an organic system, providing underlying data support for the preparation of ore materials.

The characteristic of the system is that it first establishes a data model based on knowledge graph technology, incorporates all aspects of ore material preparation into the data model, and then obtains data information such as ore structure, ore composition, ore performance and ore processing equipment parameters. Based on the parameter setting of the target product, the data of ore material preparation such as ore selection and purification, crushing and grading, surface improvement, forming and curing, finished product processing and material compounding are analyzed and processed using the knowledge mapping data model, and the technical indexes of each link are repeatedly calculated, deduced, tested and trained to finally obtain the operating parameters of each link, providing strong technical support and data support for the whole preparation process.

This achievement by Mr DONG Yapeng was highly praised by experts in the industry. They believe that this technological achievement can fundamentally solve the outstanding problems of long traditional ore material preparation cycle, high labour cost, high consumption, serious waste of resources and poor environmental protection, and significantly improve the efficiency of ore material preparation. If this achievement can be widely used in the mining industry, it can fundamentally solve the problems of low grade of valuable elements, powdered ore, low purity and serious consumption in the ore material preparation industry, greatly improve the quality of ore material preparation, completely reverse the situation of high consumption and low efficiency of the whole industry, and comprehensively promote the digitalisation, informatization and intelligent development of the ore material preparation industry.

Humanity has entered the age of information and artificial intelligence, and the fourth generation of industrial revolution has arrived. The ore industry is facing severe challenges of technological innovation and industry upgrading. Technological innovation, talent first. Industry upgrading, talent first. Many countries hope to introduce a group of top talents in the industry like Mr. DONG Yapeng, so as to promote the technological progress and intelligent development of their countries through the introduction of talents, create new technologies for the development of the ore industry, create a new situation for the development of the ore industry and create a new glory for the development of the ore industry.

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