LLGO successfully opened multiple system interfaces to make people own Bitcoin easily

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LLGO successfully opened multiple system interfaces to make people own Bitcoin easily

July 19
00:45 2022

LLGO has successfully opened multiple system interfaces and provided fully transparent services for miners,which makes people easier to own Bitcoin.

For ordinary people, the cheapest way to own bitcoin is via mining, but many people don’t have access to it. However, mining is not that difficult. LLGO.com is such a convenient and easy-to-operate blockchain mining service platform. Through LLGO, people can also mine bitcoins at home.

Different from any mining service platform in the market, LLGO is the first platform that has successfully opened multiple system interfaces, including realizing the seamless connection between mining platforms, mining pools, exchanges, and wallets. In addition, integrated management makes mining and managing encrypted assets more simple, more efficient, and more convenient for miners.

Different miners have different needs, such as cloud mining, leasing, purchasing, and hosting mining machines. LLGO is such a comprehensive mining service provider that can meet all the above needs and is open to anyone who wants to become a miner.

LLGO also provides fully transparent services for miners: users can track the progress and status of their orders in real-time on the platform, the daily income can be seen immediately, and they can also monitor the operating status of the miners in real-time, so that miners can mine safely and easily.

What is LLGO?

The team officially launched the LLgo.com platform in 2021. Although it does not seem to have been established for a long time, its strength is evident. Once found, it has been eagerly sought after by many senior miners.

The popularity of LLgo.com is inextricably linked to the founding team behind it. According to official reports, the core team of LLgo.com has integrated the industry’s top mining farm teams and cryptocurrency asset management teams, with rich experience in mining farm operations and management and a complete cryptocurrency management system.

One-step solution for mining.

Because of poor information, ordinary investors may have to take many detours to mine: second-hand mining machines with serious premiums but unstable quality, hosting scams, etc., complex mining configurations, and tedious processes are all for those who want to mine. All these factors have added difficulties for ordinary investors.

For miners, the two main factors that affect the profit are the purchase cost of the mining machine and the full-cycle electricity fee. LLGO is a large-scale operation. Compared with ordinary miners, LLGO has better market bargaining power. As a result, it can obtain mining machines at a lower price and receive relatively low electricity price resources, reducing costs for miners and helping investors get more profit.

LLGO provides a complete set of comprehensive mining infrastructure services from mining machine procurement, mine hosting, mining pool docking, operation and maintenance management, and mining machine maintenance, providing miners with a one-stop solution for mining. Even investors who know nothing about mining need to choose the package that suits them on the platform to realize mining and have their bitcoins.

Complete cryptocurrency management system.

To comprehensively evaluate the needs of miners, LLGO has also launched a blockchain smart wallet connected to cryptocurrency exchanges.

For cryptocurrency investors, wallets are essential. LLGO blockchain smart wallet supports the management of nine major mining coins, including BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, USDT, ZEC, etc., bid farewell to the era of one coin and one wallet and meet more than 90% of miners’ digital currency management needs.

In addition to the wallet, LLGO is also connected to the heat exchange, and currency exchange can be completed in the station. The most important thing is that it saves a lot of fees for entering and leaving the deal. For example, coin-to-coin transactions through the LLGO station save 10% of the handling fee compared to significant exchanges.

For miners who have a long-term habit of stockpiling coins, LLGO can provide miners with more efficient, secure, and convenient services in terms of cryptocurrency management and is also a more economical choice.

At present, LLGO has invested and constructed bitcoin mining farms in Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Texas in the United States, with a power scale of 150MW, which can be used for 40,000 mining machines to start up at the same time. With a robust operation and maintenance technical team, rich miner resources, and the support of top investment institutions, LLGO makes mining easier.

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