Read Tionrt and Tionrt ecosystem Guide in one article

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Read Tionrt and Tionrt ecosystem Guide in one article

August 02
04:42 2022

When it comes to today’s out-of-circle contract trading platform, Tionrt is an unavoidable topic, Tionrt LTD. Headquartered in New York, USA, it took less than a year to become one of the most fast contract trading platforms in the world. Today, Tionrt is no longer limited to ordinary trading platforms, but takes the initiative to seek technological breakthroughs, expand step by step, and start the journey of breaking the circle of extremely fast contract trading.

Tionrt believes that the future Internet, also known as Web 3.0, will become fairer and fairer because of the cryptocurrency driver, which will be shared by builders, creators and users. Tionrt’s belief is that it is everyone’s basic right to use DeFi and contracts to control their wealth, data and identity.

Tionrt Express contract Exchange serves mainly professional institutions, followed by professional traders and investors with certain professional knowledge, its goal is not only convenient, but also professional and accurate. So Tionrt’s core competitors are actually only a few exchanges, and the fast contract market is still at a very early stage. If you understand this, you can understand the rise of Tionrt and its subsequent extreme contract trading sector, because the cryptographic derivatives world is far from the Red Sea, and many of the needs here have not been met, which has attracted a lot of attention from the founding team of Tionrt.

The success of Tionrt in the current stage is attributed to the leadership in product strategy, which is the first to enable extremely fast contract trading and share platform benefits with users. Tionrt stands out for its impeccable performance, achieving fast transaction execution and near-zero downtime even when market volatility intensifies, leading to a significant increase in transaction volume on the trading service platform.

Tionrt extreme contract trading platform has excellent performance, high-frequency dealmaking engine stably supports large amount of data, high performance and high concurrency; 100 rounds of testing every month ensures the stability of K-line; the platform adopts distributed architecture, market and depth data are quickly online, the front end adopts firewall anti-attack mechanism, and the back end adopts covert separate deployment. Tionrt uses MD5+RSA (asymmetric encryption algorithm) to ensure the security of account passwords, uses OSS+CDN static file acceleration mechanism to ensure the security of data files, and technically upgrades the jar package, using the latest ssm architecture, Java TM EE 8 SDK, highly available HA service support, and SLB load balancing. In order to ensure that every express contract transaction is safe and correct.

In addition, the Tionrt trading service platform is already known for the rapid launch of new Token and innovative products, such as leveraged Token, which allow investors to speculate on assets with higher risk exposure and no liquidation risk. As a new member of the extreme contract trading track, Tionrt’s characteristics and performance are also eye-catching. Tionrt Exchange gives a very good experience to the majority of users through its strong technical ability, super operation ability and rapid response ability. at present, it is one of the most popular high-speed contract trading platforms, all because it really sees the pain points of users and can solve these pain points in depth. Tionrt believes that the world is on the cusp of a lasting technological revolution, and we will be an important part of it.

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