Out of a Global Pandemic Shines a Chorus of Diverse Voices Offering Hope and Resiliency

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Out of a Global Pandemic Shines a Chorus of Diverse Voices Offering Hope and Resiliency

August 03
13:06 2022
New Anthology About 2020 Is Amazon #1 Bestseller

NEW YORK – In March 2020, Reea Rodney was in a New York City ICU with COVID-19, fighting to stay off a ventilator. Now she is sharing her story of survival along with 14 other women from around the globe in their new inspirational anthology 2020—The Year All the Lemons Were Served: Finding Optimism During Adversity. In 15 unique narratives, they describe the lemons served to them during that formidable year, as well as how they turned those lemons into lemonade. Now they’re serving that lemonade to the world.

Altogether it is a book about resilience—overcoming challenges and crises—and includes healing stories such as Rodney’s but also recoveries from loss, fraud, domestic abuse, isolation, anxiety and depression, and even murder. Each author shares how her faith was rocked but how she ultimately held tight and overcame. The book was an Amazon #1 bestseller and a hot new release in the U.S. and Canada in categories such as Inspirational Personal Testimonies, Health & Spirituality, Personal Transformation, and Self-Help among others.

Rodney, the visionary author, is the CEO of Dara Publishing, whose mission is to help aspiring authors achieve their literary goals and success. This collaboration is the second in the Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste anthology series; the first was The Secret Prayer of a Righteous Black Woman: The Power of a Mother’s Prayer, also a bestseller. The anthology books serve to help the writers and their readers identify those low points in their past and use them to not only rise above but to transform the trajectory of their life.

“If you can use your struggle to help someone else,” Rodney says, “you take the power away from the negative and turn it into positive outcomes.”

She is joined by the following authors (list includes each author’s chapter title):

Rhonda Small Peters

“Connecting the Dots: The Bigger Picture”

Rose M. Dawson

“Beauty for Ashes: The Loss of a Daughter”

Petra Neckles

“Triumph in the Midst of Fear: When Fear Shows Up, Turn Up the Heat on Your Faith”

Grace V. C. Roseman

“Cast Down but Not Destroyed: Finding Hope in Love”

Beverly DeSouza

“The Last Drop: There’s Always Something Left When Pressure Is Applied!”

Racine Pough

“When I Found Myself Again: A Different Version of Me”

Josanne Rene Rojas

“Writing on Broken Lines: To Carry or Miscarry the Promise”

Domonique Alicia Bradford

“Sharing Your Wealth: Prosperity Is a Mindset”

Sonia Whitlock

“My Frozen Lemons: Thawed Out and Restored”

Tonja Nunnally

“Break Free: Silence Will Not Save You”

Kelicia Letlow-Peroune

“Created to Win: Remember Who You Are and Your Why”

Stephanie Hammond

“The Dark House: This Is My Winning Season”

Sharon Alexander

“Restoring: Obeying the Voice of God”

Jennifer Roseman-Batson

“There Is Much More Than Lemonade”

To contact Reea Rodney or learn more, please see details below. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Dara Publishing, LLC
Contact Person: Reea Rodney
Email: Send Email
Country: United States
Website: https://darapublishing.co/

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