CAT CARE Launches Cat Water Fountain

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CAT CARE Launches Cat Water Fountain

September 18
05:30 2022

Water makes up about 80% of a cat’s body. Cats need to drink more water, especially those who are on a dry food diet. Tired of dirty pet water bowls? Meet today’s pets with water – the CAT CARE cat water fountain featuring human-grade purification technology.

Cats need a water fountain for several reasons.

(1) A water fountain will encourage cat to drink more water.

(2) It is a more environmentally friendly way to provide cat with fresh, clean drinking water without having the tap dripping all day.

(3) It also helps to discourage cat’s habit of jumping on kitchen sinks, toilets and baths to drink.

(4) It reduces the risk of cat falling or even drowning if it slips.

Why is CAT CARE cat water fountain recommended?

• Human Grade Water Dispenser – Perfect for cats and small dogs, CatCare fountains keep pet hydrated, active, healthy, and safe. With human-grade purification technology, the water is fully clean so there will be no dirty water in the pet bowl.

• Pureer WaterUnlike other traditional fountains that use non-woven filters, CAT CARE cat water fountain ensures that the water stays fresh and tasty with its patented ultra-filtration technology.

• Super Quiet – CAT CARE water fountain uses a premium silent pump and a specially designed receiving ramp to reduce noise. With a fountain speed of fewer than 35 decibels, it’s super quiet and there is little noise even in the bedroom.

• Friendly to Pets and Pets Owners – The installation can be completed in seconds. The waterfall-and-pool is designed to unlock pet’s original instincts and tempt them to drink more. Assemble the fountain in seconds and it’s ready to use.


The cascading water gives cats hours of playful entertainment while enticing them to drink more. It will also help the pet owner to have a peaceful mind that his cat is getting the water that they need. For the sake of cat health, every cat needs a cat water fountain.

Click the links below to find out more about the CAT CARE water fountain and purchase a suitable one.

CAT CARE Cat Water Fountain

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