Zildjian Edwardsen to Release His Debut Album Via Ayth Street Records

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Zildjian Edwardsen to Release His Debut Album Via Ayth Street Records

September 19
20:03 2022
Zildjian Edwardsen is an American artist, poet, and rising social media sensation. Zildjian’s album release is nearing completion, as only three songs remain to be launched.

Among the throngs of aspiring musicians, artists, poets, and creatives, only a handful dares to be innovative and go against the grain. Having broken the boundaries of genres and music styles, Zildjian Edwardsen is one of the not only most prolific but most innovative artistic minds in the contemporary music industry. 

Zildjian was born in Tomahawk, Wisconsin into a highly musical family. His father, who named him Zildjian after his favorite drum cymbal brand, is also a musician. He has supported Zildjian’s musical aspirations and affinities and ultimately inspired the young boy from Tomahawk to take the global music stage by storm. 

Picking up drumsticks at the age of 8 was instrumental in helping him attain a sense of rhythm and understanding of the mathematical side of music. By 13, he was already rapping and recording. 

During his teenage years, Zildjian studied old-school rhyme schemes and was primarily focused on polishing his rapping skills. He recommenced his recording sessions in 2017, by which time he discovered that his voice was as powerful and robust as his talents for rap and rhyme. 

In 2019, Zildjian discovered his sensibilities for rock music but never abandoned his roots in rap, rhythm, and old-school rhyme. He unified these musical worlds and became an instant crossover sensation. 

In 2020, Zildjian released the official music video for Riot, showcasing his fresh blend of rock, hip hop and electronic ideas. His work was immediately praised by numerous high-profile artists and producers, which ultimately led to his creation and collaboration with Ayth Street Records. 

Throughout the year 2022, Zildjian has been releasing singles from his debut rock album, which is being launched via Ayth Street Records and scheduled to arrive in early October. 

More information about Zildjian is available on Zildjian’s official Instagram page @zilbro and his website.

Media Contact
Company Name: Ayth Street Records
Contact Person: Zildjian Edwardsen
Email: Send Email
Phone: 715-966-0524
Country: United States
Website: https://go.kilzil.net/Zildjian

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