Flatbed plotters: what they are and what they are cut

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Flatbed plotters: what they are and what they are cut

September 22
13:38 2022

Success and popularity of flatbed plotters have been rising in recent years. These flatbed plotters come in a variety of configurations and are distinguished by a wide range of features.See you in detail below:

what they are

When compared with roller plotters, flatbed plotters employ a beam that drives the tools over the material instead of having the material move beneath the beam, and the same material is set on a flat surface. This is why they are named “flatbed” plotters.

These tools’ primary purpose is to eliminate the need for a conventional die cut machine by enabling the user to cut many substrates. In order to process the raw material, these machines give it a specific shape. A perfect shape with a variety of uses. Depending on the abilities of each machine, the raw material could be turned into a box, a sticker, a sign, or many other things.

We differentiate the flatbed digital cutter based on two factors. The software applications make up the majority of the differences and are of utmost importance. This is so that they may specify the base market for a single model and efficiently manage file formats.

https://www.easy-cutter.com/multi-function-digital-cutter-b4-series-product/Another important factor is the tools installed on the machine. Actually, tools are important factors to help determine which applications and aspects which do flatbed plotters cutters can perform.Choose the right size to enable flatbed plotters to handle the material, which is the most basic requirement.

Size is often mistaken as the most vital element. Honestly, this is the last aspect that we should consider when evaluating the digital flatbed plotters.

what they are used for

Flatbed plotters have a wide range of types of cutting materials, and whether it can be cut materials mainly depends on the size of the tool on the machine.

Nevertheless, CNC flatbed plotters are more suited for handling soft materials like paper, adhesives and all materials with low processing resistance.Because of this feature,it is often used with cardboard cutter machine.

In terms of hardness, the most difficult material that a flatbed plotter can process is the PVC Forex®.Typically, flatbed plotter cutters can not only cut, but also do a half-cut, such as if a second tool is needed to fold the box, or if an adhesive is needed.It works very well with the corruagated paper cutting machine.

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