Web3 Aggregation Social Connect Officially Launched

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Web3 Aggregation Social Connect Officially Launched

October 25
17:57 2022

On October 21st, the world’s first Web3 aggregation social software CONNECT was officially released, and the Android version of CONNECT was launched. At the same time, the decentralized social protocol based on CONNECT NETWORK was officially announced. Global users will be able to easily explore the Web3 social network through CONNECT, quickly unlock the personal social graph, and establish a social network with friends in the Web3 world.


Connect is an ecological link network integrating encrypted social and social media

Connect is building a sustainable ecological link system, including Social-Chat, Decentralized Media, NFT, Swap, GameFi, Connect DAO, etc. Connect brings more interaction to social media by combining Web3 social network with blockchain technology A more reliable user experience, breaking the value monopoly of traditional social networks.

Connect has changed the problem of uneven distribution of benefits in Web2 social applications. In Web2 social applications, content dissemination generates revenue, and a considerable proportion of the revenue will belong to the platform, while Connect will give most of the revenue to users. Connect allows both content creators and readers to benefit. These benefits are mainly generated by SocialFi and Social-to-Earn mechanisms. Creators post posts and get likes and reposts from readers. The platform rewards users with Token/NFT based on the performance of content dissemination data. Connect can not only read and publish creations, but also give users data ownership and revenue rights. Form a social network ecosystem that benefits multiple parties, including nodes, content creators, users, and customers, and form a complete commercial closed-loop and circulation system through the connect community token CNCC.

Involved by the world’s top development and management teams

Connect is an ecological link network integrating encrypted social and social media. The asset operation management studio and other teams are jointly developed and managed. At present, the team has more than 100 people, 80% of the engineers are from Silicon Valley, and the main core members are from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Intel and other leading Internet companies.

Building Web3 Next Generation Social Infrastructure

Connect brings a more interactive, trusted and favorable user experience to social media by combining the Web3 social network and blockchain technology, breaking the value monopoly of traditional social networks. Its technical features include:

  1. Log in through wallet key to ensure user privacy and information security
  2. Multi-functional aggregation social ecosystem, making the industry chain more perfect
  3. Users have content ownership and revenue rights and gain revenue from content publishing and social interaction
  4. Universal identification across platforms and networks
  5. Web3 multifunctional application
  6. Credible neutrality. Allow anyone to post content and build an ecosystem

Connect will be committed to becoming a value explorer of social graph data on Web3. Our vision is to provide the most powerful and richest social relationship graph for the global multi-chain ecosystem, and to jointly explore the relationship between people and organizations, relationships and behaviors in the Web3 world. A new paradigm to become the next-generation social infrastructure for Web3. In the next 3 years, connect has the ability to rely on its own strength to provide global customers and users with web3-based information rights confirmation and value exchange through the link network. We will allow at least 100 million users around the world to participate in our web3 value Internet, and from benefit.

The Connect web3 connection network is a network that interconnects the value of people in the digital economy system, a network that values symbiosis and sharing of people-oriented values, an intelligent system interconnection network in the form of human-machine collaboration, and a value circulation network with digital property rights as the carrier. We believe that Connect will open a new era from the Internet of Information to the Internet of Value. We expect that Connect will write a new chapter of Internet collaborative innovation and value sharing.

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Company Name: CONNECT
Contact Person: Grayson
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Country: Singapore
Website: https://connect666.com/cncc-web/

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