EnduraFlood: Solving a Common Problem in Flood Prone Areas with its Floodproof Drywall System

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EnduraFlood: Solving a Common Problem in Flood Prone Areas with its Floodproof Drywall System

December 09
22:30 2022
Introducing a waterproof drywall system that stands up to flooding

During extreme weather events, flooding impacts individuals and communities on different but usually traumatic levels. While some are lucky enough to have never experienced a flood in their life, there are plenty of home and business owners who struggle to combat the damaging consequences that flood waters bring. Fortunately, EnduraFlood is now here to revolutionize the drywall system of houses that are located in flood prone areas.

EnduraFlood was developed to provide a solution for homes and businesses located in areas where the prospect of future flooding exists. EnduraFlood helps reduce the trauma of flooding and allows property owners to recover as quickly as possible without the need of doing a month’s worth of drywall repair in every area of the house.

The EnduraFlood drywall system is guaranteed to be flood proof, making it perfect for interior walls that can be exposed to water, including those of basements. After an easy installation, the EnduraFlood panel system can be opened very easily to inspect or to dry out the wall behind it, or to change the insulation. The system is mold resistant and it does not deteriorate when wet, making it the best way to protect walls from the damaging results of a flood. Not to mention that EnduraFlood wall designs are also stylish and can cater to any home aesthetic. From modern to traditional and contemporary styles, interested homeowners have a variety of options to choose from and build.

“Around 15 million properties in the United States are at substantial risk of flooding. Anyone installing EnduraFlood as part of their flood resilience strategy will recover more quickly and less expensively should a flood ever occur,” the team at EnduraFlood shared.

The best thing about EnduraFlood panels is that they can be removed and snapped back into place after any potential future flooding. If a flood should ever hit, it just requires a couple of minutes and a screwdriver for the decorative panels to be removed, allowing the wall behind it to dry out, and for insulation to be replaced if needed. Contractors definitely find the installation process easy and even homeowners who have no experience are confident enough to do it themselves. For those who would need extra help, EnduraFlood also has how-to-videos ready for viewing on their website.

Without a doubt, EnduraFlood is indeed the best way to protect the walls of a home from the damaging results of a flood. Be ready even before the flood strikes. Visit https://www.enduraflood.com/ to learn more.

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EnduraFlood is the solution for people who live in flood prone areas, by introducing a waterproof drywall system.

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