Highly Skilled Artist And Music Composer Arvin Niknia Delightfully Announces His Immensely Engaging Upcoming Music Album Entitled Borracho

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Highly Skilled Artist And Music Composer Arvin Niknia Delightfully Announces His Immensely Engaging Upcoming Music Album Entitled Borracho

December 10
11:57 2022

With his skills and zeal for composing music, Arvin Niknia has captivated a strong audience all over the state.

Arvin Niknia is an Iranian Danish music artist and composer, enchanting many audiences with his high competency and zeal for creating engaging music. His love for music has enabled him to chase his dreams despite the struggles and setbacks. Arvin Niknia recently announced launching his upcoming album, Borracho, inspired by his real-life experiences. Arvin Niknia has made diligent efforts to reach the heights of success and is launching a new album reflecting the positivity of life while envisioning a more beautiful world.

With determination and dedication, Arvin Niknia stayed committed to composing unique and innovative music using cutting-edge instruments and techniques. In recent years, Arvin Niknia has written three albums, Mahnoosh, Matineh, and Mahtab, and several singles, including Dubai Nights, Summer love in Denmark, Todos la Quieren, and Solo por un dia. Over the years, Arvin Niknia has developed and strived to elevate his music skills which have enabled him to garner the attention of several prestigious artists in the industry.

“In my recent song Borracho, I used real-life experiences as inspiration, and I like to make things my own by taking the feelings from them. The melody and lyrics come together as I create my best feel-good music. My fear of dying motivates me daily, so I treat this world as my playground. Life only comes around once,” shares Arvin Niknia.

His latest song, ‘Soul’ became a hit and received numerous feedback from critics and fans. The song collaborates with Oleksandr Andrieiev and is available on numerous streaming apps, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Instagram/Facebook, TikTok, YouTube Music, Amazon, MediaNet, Snapchat, etc.

Moreover, apart from being a skilled music artist and composer, Arvin Niknia possesses a multi-pronged personality and is a dedicated entrepreneur and author. Arvin Niknia is highly motivated to conquer his dreams and passion for creating relatable and engaging music for his fans. Currently, he is willing for more collaborations and to work with eminent music artists.

“I am also an Iranian Danish entrepreneur and author, striving to achieve my dreams while overcoming hardships,” adds Arvin Niknia.

For more information, visit his Spotify and Facebook account https://open.spotify.com/artist/4TCbAOREc9V62tl2rfIkDv https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012826758001.

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Country: Denmark
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