A Man’s Passion – A Thrilling Tale That Will Be Hard To Put Down

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A Man’s Passion – A Thrilling Tale That Will Be Hard To Put Down

December 13
00:27 2022

A Man’s Passion is A must-read powerful story that will have readers gripped from start to end with a page-turning thriller storyline about race, violence, heritage, and the past coming to the present.

A Man’s Passion by Jerry P. Schellhammer is a riveting story of the past with a romantic spin that tells the experiences of one family, the Black family. Though its characters come from different races and nationalities, the book’s themes are timeless, and its lessons are universal. The work focuses on relationships, friendship, and romance among its characters as they begin a journey that will impact them all—and which they will eventually share.

A Man’s Passion is a narrative story that begins with Dorothy and her great-grandmother, Hattie, as they make their way by car to Montgomery, Alabama. By the time they arrive at their destination and visit the museum, Hattie has related enough tales to give Dorothy a good perspective of inner racial relationships in the early days of America and the South. The reader will find the future looked upon with promise and hope for a better day for all.

Jerry P. Schellhammer is an up-and-coming insightful author, having first published a memoir, This Life: My Life After My Stroke, and a recently self-published novella, Edge of Darkness: Four Seasons, Book One. His captivating historical plot takes the reader back to the time when racism was at its peak, and racial inequality was a way of life.

The story is based around Hattie, a strong-willed grandmother who narrates the story. At the same time, Dorothy, her great-granddaughter, has no idea what awaits them, with the unexpected twists and turns occurring throughout their travels.

This book is written for today’s readers and will maintain the fast-paced story till the very last page. However, the book has a depth of understanding that’s hard to find in other novels and goes through the history of the south and how they were oppressed.

The book takes readers on an adventure as they hear stories of racism and brings out feelings from the characters that are said throughout the book. This coming-of-age story will entertain any reader to discover what else happens in this emotional tale.

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