The Transplant Doula breaks new ground with its 9-module comprehensive program for aspiring transplant doulas to expand the reach of quality care.

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The Transplant Doula breaks new ground with its 9-module comprehensive program for aspiring transplant doulas to expand the reach of quality care.

February 27
18:42 2023
The Transplant Doula is shifting the transplant patient care paradigm to positively affect the transplant journey.

The Transplant Doula is excited to unveil its 9-module program for individuals interested in becoming transplant doulas. The program is designed to equip aspiring doulas with the confidence and skills to offer holistic, non-medical support and guidance on a personal or professional level. Through the comprehensive training and network, students can support patients and families throughout their organ transplant journey.

Birth and death doulas have been trusted for centuries and recognized for their emotional, educational, and practical support that helps clients. The Transplant Doula uses that same model of care to fill the gaps in the experience transplant patients and their families have before, during, and after their organ transplant journeys. The training and network provide an online framework that explores best practices for providing emotional, practical, spiritual, educational, and physical support, along with navigating the healthcare system and successfully collaborating with medical teams.

Michelle Montgomery, founder of The Transplant Doula, shares, “As far as Google is concerned, the concept of a transplant doula didn’t exist before I began this work. However, it was clear that doulas in a transplant setting can be invaluable to the patient and their families.”

For Michelle, introducing this program has been a personal journey. In 2010, Michelle’s sister Tammi contracted a virus that attacked her heart and was put on the transplant list. In 2012, Tammi got a new heart but died during the transplant due to complications. Having witnessed her sister’s challenges and their family’s struggles, Michelle wished there was something more she could do at the time.

The result is this new branch of support for organ transplant patients. She believes that the compassionate and experienced presence a transplant doula can provide patients and families can help alleviate the stress, anxiety, and fear that can arise during the organ transplant process. This became her mission, to see to it that every transplant patient can have access to a transplant doula if they choose. “Our vision is for the transplant doula to eventually become a recognized and valued part of the patient’s transplant team.”

As the concept of a transplant doula becomes familiar to patients, families, and people who have a calling to the vocation, Michelle works diligently to ensure that the 9-module course, continuing education courses, and coaching programs provided through the platform set an exceptionally high bar for quality and training standards.

The Transplant Doula is thrilled to ease the challenges patients and their families face by launching this new training and network for those interested in providing one-on-one support and advocacy as a transplant doula.

About Michelle Montgomery, founder of The Transplant Doula

Michelle Montgomery is the founder of The Transplant Doula, an instructor, host of the online network, and an associate member of the International Transplant Nurses Society. Michelle is on a mission to support transplant patients, living organ donors, and organ failure patients through their transplant journey. She leverages her 12+ years of experience in marketing and strategy to help students develop their doula practice.

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