Why Do People Like To Use Hexagon Socket Head Bolts?

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Why Do People Like To Use Hexagon Socket Head Bolts?

February 28
12:30 2023

Hexagon socket bolts are screws with a cylindrical head in the shape of a hexagon socket, which can also be called hexagon socket screws, hexagon socket cheese head screws.

Commonly used hexagonal bolts are grade 4.8, grade 8.8, grade 10.9, grade 12.9 and so on. In general, according to different needs to choose different hexagonal bolts grade, so as to be more favorable to play the role of bolt performance. Today Aozhan fastener factory to talk to you about why people like to use hexagonal bolts? What are the advantages of hexagonal bolts?

Cylindrical-Head -Hexagon-Socket-Head-Bolts-01

Hexagon socket head bolts are divided into normal and high strength by grade strength. The common hexagon bolts are 4.8 grade, and the high strength hexagon bolts are more than 8.8 grade, including 10.9 grade and 12.9 grade. 12.9 grade hexagon bolts generally refer to the black hexagon cup head screws with knurling, natural color and oil.

The advantages of using hexagon socket bolts.

1, can withstand greater load.

It has six bearing surfaces, compared to only two surfaces of a word screw and cross-shaped screws more can carry the screw.

2, in the operation can be buried head processing.

That is, the whole nut is sunk into the workpiece, can keep the surface of the workpiece flat, beautiful.

3, Easy to install.

Compared to the outer hexagonal screws, hexagonal screws are suitable for more assembly occasions, especially narrow occasions, so it is easy to assemble and repair, debugging is also convenient.

4, not easy to disassemble.

We usually commonly used tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers and dull wrenches, etc., while the removal of hexagonal bolts must use a special wrench. Therefore, it is not easy to disassemble.

Previously is a simple explanation of the advantages of using hexagonal bolts, we have any questions or suggestions, welcome to discuss together. Hexagon socket bolt is one of the main products of Aozhan hardware fastener manufacturers, a complete range of products, factory direct sales, you can make your procurement costs straight down 20%. You can send email to [email protected]: to get a free preferential quotation.

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