Address Artery Calcifications with Xtend-Life and Dr. Joel Kahn

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Address Artery Calcifications with Xtend-Life and Dr. Joel Kahn

April 28
22:39 2023
A Proactive Approach To Heart Health

It seems like we all know about high cholesterol as a potential marker for heart disease. But did you know? There is a potentially even more serious marker and one that most general practitioners do not get their patients tested for – arterial calcification.

“When talking about heart health, LDL cholesterol is not the only issue, there are many daggers that are into an artery causing arterial disease…” stated Dr. Joel Kahn, MD, FACC of Detroit, Michigan, a practicing cardiologist and Clinical Professor of Medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine and Xtend-Life’s Cardio Health Ambassador.

People who have a high level of calcification in soft tissues often leads to hardening of the arteries and restricted blood flow, making the chances of stroke or heart attack much more likely.

Stats: Coronary artery calcifications occur when calcium starts to build up in the arteries that transport blood to your heart, a potential condition that is most prevalent in older adults, both men and women. Typically, the calcium build-up starts as young as 40 years of age, researchers believe that by age 70, 90% of men and 67% of women have coronary artery calcification.

The good news is new evidence indicates that arterial calcification and blockages are reversible. As Dr. Kahn explains, making lifestyle changes can support overall heart health; incorporating quality supplementation into your wellness routine can also help aid the prevention of atherosclerotic plaque and protect against atherosclerosis.In order to share good heart health advice, practices and supplements – so everyone can live a healthier and longer life, Xtend-Life has recently been featured by DrTalks’s Reversing Heart Disease Summit, working with some of the world-leading experts in Cardiology, such as Dr. Joel Kahn MD, FACC and scientist Dr. Barrie Tan, PhD, to help people understand heart issues and the science behind the powerful nutrition for heart health.

If you’re keen to learn more about the ingredients, visit to listen to Dr. Joel Kahn and Ivor Cummins discuss the importance of these nutrients and how they may support your cardiovascular system.

About Xtend-Life:

Xtend-Life is a natural supplement company located in the beautiful land of New Zealand. Founded 25 years ago, the company strives to provide dietary supplements containing only the most select and best possible ingredients.

The advanced heart health supplements and their quality have met the approval of America’s leading cardiologist, Dr. Joel Kahn.

In 2022, Xtend-Life was nominated as one of the 10 Best Companies in the Nutraceutical Market.

Xtend-Life is on a mission to provide people with the foundation for better health that enhances their quality of life – using the power of science and nature alongside the core values: Integrity, Purity, and Innovation.

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