The Steampunk Spotter tool helps simplify the demanding and time-consuming process of upgrading Ansible Playbooks.

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The Steampunk Spotter tool helps simplify the demanding and time-consuming process of upgrading Ansible Playbooks.

May 01
17:09 2023
The Steampunk Spotter tool eases the Ansible Playbook update process and allows a quick and easy solution for businesses fearing the upcoming upgrade to the Ansible Automation Platform 2.

XLAB Steampunk launched the Steampunk Spotter, an automated Ansible Playbook scanning tool that helps users achieve reliable and secure automation, easing processes that typically take long and exhaustive manual effort. 

A Multi-purpose Automated Helper 

The Ansible Playbook scanning tool by XLAB Steampunk thoroughly analyzes playbooks for hard-to-catch errors and vulnerabilities. To prevent playbook failure, developers must eliminate inaccuracies that further delay development, leading to wasted time, money, and effort. The tool allows users to easily test Ansible Playbooks and run error-free QA automation, helping understand best practices and what-if scenarios.

Spotter is also indispensable to ensure safe automation execution. This versatile tool enables users to adhere to security best practices and helps prevent misconfigurations, security vulnerabilities, or policy violations while ensuring compliance with security standards.

Helps Set Custom Rules and Policies 

The tool allows users the freedom to define customized rules so the playbooks can meet specific measures. These include ensuring developers maintain adherence to organizational or industrial rules and regulations. The Spotter tool’s features extend to specifying playbook standards, defining specific naming conventions, and limiting values on modules and entities.

Variety of Features for Ease of Convenience 

The Steampunk Spotter tool offers various convenience features that help save time. For instance, they offer the rewrite function, a feature that fixes issues automatically by updating Ansible content with suggested changes.  

Apart from that, Spotter offers immediate assistance with module documentation, as it provides suggestions with direct links to module documentation catering to the specific version. The tool also automatically generates missing requirement files that detail collections required for a successful installation.

The intuitive reporting feature allows customers to analyze data, trends, and progress to create personalized reports, allowing developers and IT managers to make data-driven changes that induce better results.

The Spotter tool is a natural companion for AI-written playbooks. Since current AI systems are not capable of creating production-ready Ansible Playbooks yet, developers can use the Spotter tool to enhance and fix AI-generated playbooks for better quality and secure outcomes.

The Ansible Playbook scanning tool is Windows-compatible and works seamlessly with its operating system.

Easy Upgrades to Latest Ansible Versions

Inspecting if playbooks are compatible with specific Ansible versions is crucial, and updating can be time-consuming and exhausting.  However, Spotter reduces upgrade time to mere minutes instead of the usual hours. It identifies issues that need to be resolved when upgrading, fixes many automatically, prevents downtime, and eases the migration process between different versions.

About the Company 

XLAB Steampunk is renowned as an automation specialist company in the IT world and has ample experience owing to its expertise in creating Red Hat-certified Ansible Collections.

Speaking to the CEO and head of XLAB Steampunk, Gregor Bergic, “Having written countless playbooks and collections, we have unique experience in both sides of the Ansible story, and we are very familiar with the challenges Ansible users face. We have incorporated this extensive know-how in the Steampunk Spotter to support your automation journey and help you automate confidently.”


Steampunk Spotter is an advanced automation tool that helps check Ansible playbooks for errors or vulnerabilities. It helps simplify and speed up the upgrade to Ansible Automation Platform 2, alongside helping improve and maintain playbook security. This multi-purpose tool is a time-saving resource for many Playbook developers owing to its overwhelmingly positive reviews.

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