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Haier Biomedical Product Assistance Gabon

June 02
10:20 2023

Recently, the Japanese government purchased multiple sets of cold chain equipment from Haier Biomedical through UNICEF, including Cold Room, Solar Direct Drive Vaccine Refrigerator, Transport Cooler and other medical devices, aiming to improve Gabon’s vaccine cold chain system. Not only has the safety of vaccine storage been greatly improved, but more and more Gabonese children have the opportunity to be vaccinated.

Local Minister of Health and Social Affairs Dr. Guy Patrick Obiang Nden expressed thanks and introduced that these important equipment of Haier Biomedical are part of the emergency assistance of the Japanese government, mainly to support Gabon’s vaccination services and sanitation system to provide Gabonese children with better vaccination protection and improve the overall immunization level in Gabon.

As the world’s leading service provider of life science and medical innovative digital scene solutions, Haier Biomedical always cares about global immunity and healthcare. In line with its corporate social responsibility vision of “Smart Life, Shared Future”, Haier Biomedical has constructed a life-centric corporate social responsibility model that focuses on leadership, integrity, future, and ecosystem, to give back to society through concrete actions.

Besides the well-known Vaccine Refrigerators and Transport Coolers In this program, Haier Biomedical’s RTMD device also received unanimous praise from users, the solution comprehensively monitors the temperature control of the cold storage, achieve remote temperature real-time monitoring, automatic record detection, and timely alarms. In addition, the staff can monitor the storage status of the vaccine in real time in the control room, and an alarm will be issued once the temperature of the refrigerator room deviates, so that the staff can solve the problem immediately to ensure the safety of the vaccines.

At present, Haier Biomedical’s vaccine solutions have been installed in more than 135 countries and regions around the world, making outstanding contributions to improve public health in underdeveloped countries and regions. Also, through the organization’s health care for all platform, as well as the Utilization and the core advantages of life science and medical innovation, Haier Biomedical also joins hands with global ecological partners to contribute to social medical public welfare. This core advantage accelerates the popularization of medical technology, promotes inclusivity and sharing of quality medical resources, and continuously implements corporate social responsibilities values, thereby further promoting the construction of a global community of health for all, but also promotes technical and cultural exchanges and cooperation between different countries, actively contributing the Haier Biomedical Power to the world!

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