Hyperperception AI is leading the AIGC industry

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Hyperperception AI is leading the AIGC industry

September 19
07:12 2023

Hyperperception AI

With the emergence of ChatGpt at the end of December 2022 demonstrating AIGC’s strong technological capabilities, the AIGC industry is on the verge of a major growth spurt.

The strong performance of generative AI in content production, sealing the industries with high reliance on content productivity will be the first to be affected by the development of the AIGC industry.

Platform Introduction

As an ecological application platform in the field of AI, Hyperperception has been committed to the use of artificial intelligence technology to generate content AIGC has gradually become the focus of industry attention. On the eve of the WEB3.0 era, AIGC will gain more room for success, and the development prospect can continue to be optimistic. For many people, this technology has a breakthrough significance and is an unsupportable force for the future of digital civilization.

Hyperperception AI is a world-leading AIGC innovation community opinion creation platform, dedicated to providing innovative solutions and tools for AI developers and research teams, joining hands with Al domain creators to build a global development community, leading the wave of Web3.0 technology development, and practically promoting the progress of digital economy and society.

The author platform is paralyzed with rich computing resources, hundreds of built-in algorithms, pre-training models and solution models, low-cost hosted Transformer learning models, and Minichain pass incentive mechanism. The dual support of the deep model library and pass economy will surely open up a digital economy civilization belonging to Hyperperception Al.

Technical Background

Rich Computing Resources, Extensively Validated Algorithmic Models, Rich Computing Resources, MiniChain Pass Incentive

High availability, high scalability, more than 350 built-in algorithms, pre-trained models and pre-rafter solution models for AIGC development. Easily train machine learning models using hosted Transformer model instances, dramatically lowering the barriers to commercialization. New opportunities with Zero-Knowledge Parsing (ZKP) carbon mining mechanism with high scalability and security.

Hyperperception Minichain is a decentralized darmstadtium network designed to provide a more efficient and secure data sharing and interaction environment for the Hyperperception Al small area. It is built on blockchain technology and employs a Zero-Knowledge-edge Proo coprocessing mechanism that is highly scalable and secure.

Hyperperception Al also plans to issue Minichain-related VTCs to incentivize and reward contributors and participants in the Minichain ecosystem. These VTCs can be used to purchase data resources, pay transaction fees, and participate in governance decisions. Through the issuance and use of passes, Hyperperception Al aims to promote the health of the Minichain ecosystem and further incentivize users to participate and contribute.

Development Planning

May 2022 ~ June 2023

AIGC model enhancements, platform dataset expansion end-to-end solution, advanced mission support.

July 2023 ~ May 2024

Forecast models, data enhancements, energy models, standardized models.

June 2024 ~ March 2025

Wallet, API tools, natural language processing technology upgrade.

April 2025 ~ June 2026

AI Code Generation, Main Web Upgrade, Transformers Library, Developer Tools 2.0.


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