Crying Stars Co. Unveils Highly Anticipated Crypto-Art Masterpiece: The Fortnite Comicbook Tribute

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Crying Stars Co. Unveils Highly Anticipated Crypto-Art Masterpiece: The Fortnite Comicbook Tribute

September 26
02:16 2023

Budapest, Hungary – September 25, 2023 – Crying Stars Co., an innovative force in the world of crypto-art, is proud to announce the long-awaited release of “The Fortnite Comicbook Tribute,” a heartfelt homage created by the renowned Hungarian NFT artist and multilingual translator, Berki Ferenc. This extraordinary collection of space-themed comics has captivated the crypto-community’s imagination, and its debut has been met with jubilation and excitement.

In 2021, Berki Ferenc embarked on a creative journey driven by personal inspiration, crafting “The Fortnite Comicbook Tribute” as a loving reminder of his cherished son. Today, after two years of meticulous dedication, this remarkable masterpiece has come to life, enriching the world of digital art and crypto-collectibles.

Each piece of “The Fortnite Comicbook Tribute” has been valued at an astonishing 33,000 euros, reflecting the depth of artistry, emotion, and technical innovation encapsulated within. These unique pieces are not just digital treasures but tangible reminders of a father’s love for his son.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, Crying Stars Co. is organizing an exclusive open exhibition in Spain, where the existing four pieces of “The Fortnite Comicbook Tribute” will be unveiled to the world. This exhibition marks a historic milestone, as these valuable artworks will only be tradable in their physical form, offering collectors a rare opportunity to own a piece of crypto-art history.

Berki Ferenc, the visionary artist behind this groundbreaking project, expressed his gratitude to the crypto-community for their unwavering support throughout this journey. He said, “Creating ‘The Fortnite Comicbook Tribute’ has been a labor of love, and I am deeply touched by the positive response from the crypto-community. This project is a testament to the power of art, technology, and the enduring bond between a father and his son.”

For further information about “The Fortnite Comicbook Tribute” and Crying Stars Co., please visit the official website at

Crying Stars Collaborates with Berki Ferenc Comicwriter

Interview with Crying Stars Co.

Reporter: How are you, and how did you get in the Cryptoworld?

Berki Ferenc: I am just a simple guy with clear vision about how can I use my possibilities in my daily routine. In 2021, we had a family chill-day, where I joined a conversation about Crypto-life and Nft-s. On this day, I made a great diving into every details, and checked what can I create as a long-term value in NFT-s, there were no Comicbooks in NFT-world.

Reporter: What did you exactly created,how is it affected on Cryptoworld?

Berki Ferenc: I have created a Shiba-Inu NFT-Comicbook. Since then, a lot of Presses such as: TheNewYorkToday, RedxMagazine,Techbullion,Popularbeings,Londornjournal and many other presses released some articles about this NFT. In 2022 and 2023 It was valuated for 533.000 euro of a piece.

Reporter: How many pieces could you sell?

Berki Ferenc: I sold 4 pieces of the total 6, the first piece was sold for 2 Bitcoins.

Reporter: What do you think about that,the Crying Stars Co. valuated your skills and talent for over 2 million dollars net worth?

Berki Ferenc: You know, I am just a simple guy with an Old Black rucksack on the street, and even this bag is not mine, I just took it from my Ex-Wife”s Ex-Husband if I remember as good as well 🙂 I dont even have a car or a driving license, I live in a small but very nice Apartment in Hungary, I dont need expensive things to live a happy life.

Reporter: Laughs, okay what are your future plans?

Berki Ferenc: I am working with various excellent artists,painters, such as Mr. Csaba Kasik with abstract Style, we are developing nfts to opensea, and creating values. I am developing a mobile app, where workers in different jobs can apply to companies with an internal system, which provides many new possibilities in the global jobmarket.

Reporter: Did you make new Comics for the Crypto-Community?

Berki Ferenc: Yes i made 2 Comicbooks in 2021 together with the Shiba-Inu Comics, but till this time they werent presented, dont even worry about it, theyre on their way to publish.

Reporter: Where can we meet with you?

Berki Ferenc: If you travel to Hungary, we can have a meeting everyday 🙂 but for serious, people can find me in the Pete Pan Tattoo Studio, Square Széchenyi, or walking on the streets of Pécs 🙂

Reporter: Thanks for the chance to be with you, you are an awesome personality with great talent,

About Crying Stars Co.:

Crying Stars Co. is a pioneering force in the world of crypto-art, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of digital creativity. Led by the visionary artist Berki Ferenc, the company specializes in creating unique and emotionally resonant crypto-art pieces that redefine the intersection of art, technology, and human connection.

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