“A Love Like This,” a Rom-Com that celebrates the idea that Men are from Mars and Women from Venus

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“A Love Like This,” a Rom-Com that celebrates the idea that Men are from Mars and Women from Venus

February 12
14:44 2024
"A Love Like This," a Rom-Com that celebrates the idea that Men are from Mars and Women from Venus
“A Love Like This” is a book that can be described as a “Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus”, and “The Five Love Languages”, in Rom-Com form. This is a Rom-Com with lots of “feel-good” moments and comedic situations that most couples, and both men and women can relate to. The book includes characters from different backgrounds and religions, for diversity and representation.

The story is set mainly in New York, but also has some Southern elements to it. It has a Hart of Dixie and Desperate Housewives vibe to it. It has romance, drama, heartfelt moments, some spiritual elements, action and some difficult moments the characters have to overcome. It has everything that is needed to make a book and movie great. There are talks about this book being turned into a feature film.



Mike and Mary are struggling to keep their marriage together as their differences are causing constant conflicts. Mike grew up in the South with his conservative, religious parents, while Mary grew up with a liberal single mother in New York. They both have different expectations of how a relationship should be, based on their upbringing. Mary is romantic, Mike is not. Mary is creative, while Mike is logical and practical. Mary is modern and loves eating out, while Mike is old-fashioned and loves homemade dinners. Mary is organized and hates clutter, while Mike can’t seem to ever be able to put laundry in the laundry basket, where it should be. They say opposites attract, but will their differences eventually break them apart? Are their differences irreconcilable or can they learn to adapt, compromise and save their marriage? Will Mary’s constant nagging push Mike away straight into the arms of Carla, his beautiful and curvaceous colleague? Will the trauma they later experience make them or break them? Will they be able to push through the obstacles and difficulties?


The Southern belle Laura is married to James; a rich, successful businessman. Laura and James seem to have the perfect life. They are rich, have a colonial style house with a big backyard pool. They have three beautiful children; Ella Mae, Noah and the older beautiful teenage daughter Allison. Laura is a feminine and proper lady who follows etiquette to the fullest. Using her Southern charm she knows how to get a man and keep a man. She knows that if she feeds her man properly, takes care of the household and herself, then he would never cheat on her. Or would he? Laura knows how to keep a man happy, but is it enough to keep her rich husband from cheating? Is Laura’s husband James spoiling her with expensive vacations, spa resort weekends and gifts to distract her from what’s really going on? Are their rich, perfect family lives, as perfect as it seems?


Jeanette Coron is a Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Hit-maker, Producer, Blogger and Author. 

She’s an author with several published books; “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover”, “Destined for Greatness”, “A Love Like This”, “Home Is Where the Heart Is” and “Building Castles In Heaven.”

She’s published several music albums and EP’s; “Not That Kind of Girl”, “God is Gracious”, “Coronation” and the newest album “ROYALTY”. Some of the industry people she’s collaborated with and been guided by, have worked with artist like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Meghan Trainor, Sia, J.Lo, Ashanti, 50 Cent, Luke Combs and Billy-Ray Cyrus to name a few. She’s also been on a music tour, been featured in newspapers, published several music videos and also write and compose music for other artists.

PHOTO: Jeanette Coron’s newest EP and music album “ROYALTY” is also available now.

For more info about Jeanette Coron visit www.jeanettecoron.com

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