Hangzhou establishes task force to revive ancient sport

Editor’s note: On July 15, 2004, Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA, formally announced to the world that soccer originated in Zibo, Shandong province. The sport was called cuju in ancient China

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China, Greece artists exchange ideas on theatre

Theatre artists from China and Greece attend a teleconference themed “To Share and Inspire” in front of some 120 audiences at the Yue Theatre in Hangzhou on Sept 30. [Photo

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How to adjust if one wants the front and back loops to have the same effect on 2+2 rib machine?

The methods of debugging the fabric with the same effect of the front and back loops. The methods of debugging the fabric with the same effect of the front and

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International Franchise Law Resolves Franchise Dispute Differently

Based in Washington D.C., The law firm of Mario L Herman focuses on franchise law, as well as modern developments and changes in the franchise industry. The attorney has been

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Grinding characteristics and application range of sanding belt

The abrasive particles of coated abrasives are uniformly distributed on the surface of the substrate, and the abrasive particles are

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What Are The Materials Of Flexible PCB | YMS PCB

What are the materials of flexible PCB? Next, the professional flexible circuit board manufacturer of YMSHENG will introduce the composition materials

Read Full Article Pavel Chernyshov solves future problems in the field of education

Pavel Chernyshov, the founder of Informio, a Russian social network for teachers and students, talks about future problems in education

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Walkr Unveils Exciting Asteroid System Feature to Encourage Users to Walk More and Stay Fit

Walkr Fans Can Now Enjoy a Fun-filled Experience and Explore the Universe with New Asteroid System TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Fourdesire,

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KYP Project, a scheduling and communications tool for the construction industry, entering Canada

A Netherlands-based, internationally used SaaS solution, has created an exquisite scheduling and communication tool. By entering Canada this fall, KYP

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Application of diatomite coating additives in coating and paint industries

Diatomite paint additive products have the characteristics of large porosity, strong absorption, stable chemical properties, wear resistance, heat resistance, etc.,

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