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Treaty Oak Shade Company is Austin’s Custom Shades Provider

As the Austin real estate market continues to grow, home improvement solutions are in high demand. AUSTIN, Texas – November 12, 2021 – Treaty Oak Shade Company brings durable, functional,

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Schneider Electric and Savant Power Co-Developing Connected Relay Technology for Managing Home Energy Use

Schneider Electric is working with Savant Power to develop a new remote-controlled connected relay to help homeowners better manage their home energy use. When connected to a circuit breaker, this

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First-ever “Ready Player One” inspired Metaverse Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game garners 4k members even before launch

Developed by cutting-edge NFT project Metalibrary, Meta Player One is the first and only “Ready Player One”-themed MMORPG, bustling with exciting adventures and great rewards San Francisco, California – November

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How Kristina McInnis Leveraged Her Social Media to Create a Multi-6 Figure Digital Agency, KCMCONNECT

Following the success of her creation “The Bottled Blonde” podcast, Kristina built KCMCONNECT to help business owners and personal brands boost their online presence. In this day and age, creating

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The Top Law of Assumption Manifestation Coaches to Watch in 2021

Manifestations that are based on our assumptions, concept of self and state of being are real. Over the last several

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ASIA’S 100 MOST INSPIRATIONAL PEOPLE’S AWARD, an award ceremony to Motivate, Inspire, Support Changemakers from diverse fields

12 Nov, 2021 – ASIA’S 100 MOST INSPIRATIONAL PEOPLE’S AWARD jointly organised by PLAN_IT_4U, an event management firm registered under

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MetaQuotes celebrates 17 years of its algorithmic trading community

The largest community of developers and algorithmic traders celebrates its 17th birthday on November 11, 2021. The community history began from

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Virtually make dreams come true by creating the best photographers in Miami

12 Nov, 2021 – Ever want to stage something that makes the business look good or wanted to sell an

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Thousands of inexperienced new homeowners and plunging temperatures has Toronto plumber worried

Toronto, ON – November 12, 2021 – Toronto’s red hot housing market means that thousands of homeowners are about to

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One of the best young adult books of 2021: Soul Train by T C Husvar

Author T C Husvar recently released her enthralling young adult novel, Soul Train, a story of self-discovery and the search

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